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Consulting and Development

Skilful work – Performance creates trust.

Our qualified multilingual employees have plenty of practical experience and will consult you in a customer and solution-oriented manner on the subject of moulding. We know the different advantages and disadvantages of the casting methods, materials, heat and surface treatments, and will gladly support you on site on demand as well.

For implementation of your products, we ask you to submit the form filed in the Request page to us.

Analysis, research and development of our products take place in-house in Germany, by construction and CAD drawing; or in the form of samples or prototype production.

In the company’s own test lab, we offer:

  • Spectral analysis
  • Polish patterns to determine material structures
  • Hardness test according to Brinell and Rockwell A and C
  • Tensile test according to DIN 50109
  • Notch-impact resilience

Brief overview of our advantages:

  • Consulting on the construction, casting technique and material
  • Production of samples (prototyping, 3D print)
  • Assembly installation and zero batch