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Our quality

Guarantors for success: Quality management and monitoring.

Selected raw materials, high-quality materials and quality controls guarantee for best quality. Wear from friction is considered in development and production of parts as well as mechanical stress from various media.

Of course, we consider the latest directives and current provisions in personnel, safety, data and environmental management, in cooperation with our partners.
We also ensure quality of our products with high standards concerning metallurgy and moulding technology.
Our customers profit from comprehensive mould materials tests and analyses, polish preparations, computer-supported image analyses, magnetic powder crack, colour penetration and ultrasound inspections, tension tests, notch-impact tests, hardness measurements according to Brinell, 3D-CNC part measurements according to CAD data record. For further inspections, we cooperate with external partners.

Our management systems comply with the highest demands and are certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008, DIN EN ISO 14.001 : 2009, DIN EN ISO 16949 : 2009, DIN EN ISO 50001 : 2011